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Join us at this once-in-a-lifetime event on Friday June 9

Ticket sales end May 28 - get yours today!


We are thrilled to welcome Kevin Lowe to the KidSport Roast hot seat!


Kevin is true Edmonton hockey royalty. He was the Oilers’ first-ever pick in the 1979 NHL draft, and he scored the team’s first NHL goal. He played 13 full seasons in his first stint with the Oilers — a steady, hard-working rock of a defenceman and an essential part of the five Stanley Cup victories of the celebrated Oilers Dynasty.


He holds the team’s records for most career games (1,037) and most career playoff games (172). He was Assistant Captain from 1986-1991 and wore the “C” for the 1991-92 season.


He signed with the New York Rangers in 1992, joining a team that included six other former Oilers on the path to a Stanley Cup win — Kevin’s sixth. He returned to Edmonton in 1996 for the last seasons of his on-ice career.


He became Assistant Coach in 1998 and Head Coach a year later. He took over the role of General Manager in 2000 and was promoted to President of Hockey Operations in 2008, providing a steady hand through turbulent times. He currently serves as an Alternate Governor of Oilers Entertainment Group.


Kevin married Olympic-medal-winning skier Karen Percy in 1990. He is as much a pillar of the Edmonton community as he is the Edmonton Oilers. He served tirelessly as a chairman of the Christmas Bureau, part of a campaign that increased average annual donations tenfold. He and Karen are supporters of SwimDrinkFish Canada, the Waterkeeper Alliance, and Zebra Child & Youth Advocacy Centre. And now he’s set to take the best shots our Roasters have to throw at him in support of KidSport!


Kevin was named to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2020. His hard work and leadership, on and off the ice, make him a true Edmonton champion. Kevin will need every ounce of his legendary fortitude as he faces our Roasters’ onslaught!

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